Powering careers in & after consulting, worldwide


Why Movemeon?

The best candidates

As the go-to resource for current & former consultants globally, we access passive as well as active candidates. The majority of our users have post-consulting functional or managerial startup / industry or PE experience.


Fast, personal service

Our team & tech remove the hassle of jobs boards while delivering at 3x the speed of agencies. You receive shortlists within hours for freelance projects, days for permanent hires and enjoy continuous support & insight from an expert on our team.


Market-leading fees

Hiring the best freelance or permanent talent quickly is the main reason clients choose us. However, our technology allows us to save clients money. So we’re equally proud to deliver at ~50% the cost of traditional recruitment agencies.


Powering teams of all shapes & sizes

Permanent hires

Fast, stress-free & cost-effective. We deliver for permanent recruitment with our blend of tech & service, which is trusted by 4,000+ organisations globally.


Freelance projects



What else does Movemeon offer?


Diversity & inclusion focus

Diverse candidate shortlists and advice on attraction and retention. Our tech also reduces unconscious bias.

Flexible workforce solution

Hiring freelance consultants means staffing a new project can happen in a matter of hours not weeks.

Global support

We have dedicated teams in Europe, UK and APAC to support you across different job types at any stage of your hiring process.